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These general conditions regulate the use and access to the Internet service that SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A., with address at Avda. Zugazarte, nº 56, with Postal Code 48930, at the town of Getxo, province of Vizcaya (Spain), with Tax ID Code (CIF) number A-48024723, and registered at the Trade Registry of Vizcaya, Volume 699, book 0, Folio 137, Sheet number BI-2264 provides USERS at the following electronic addresses,,,,,,,,, and in all the ones called Web Site hereinafter.

1.- Use of this Web Site:

The functioning of the Web Site is regulated in these General Conditions that SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. makes available to the User, the main objective of which is to inform about our services and who we are. The use of the Web Site attributes the status of User, and implies full acceptance by the User of all the Conditions of Use of the Web Site in force when he or she accesses it. Consequently, if the User does not agree with any of the conditions laid down herein, he should not use this Web Site.

In like manner, the User undertakes not to use the information published in the Web Site, for illegal purposes or effects, contrary to the contents of these General Conditions, that might injure the rights or interests of third parties, or which may in any way damage, render useless, overload, deteriorate the Web Site or information provided in it or impede the normal use or enjoyment of the Web Site by other users.

The User shall refrain from obtaining information, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and/or image files, photographs, software and, in general, any class of accessible material through the Web Site or its services, using means other than those that have been made available to it, or, in general, those that are regularly used on the Internet.

2.- Right to modify the Web Site, right to restrict access to the Web Site and right to suspend the operability of the Web:

SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. reserves the right to modify the presentation or configuration of the Web Site at any time, without prior notice, and also the information, services, the present Conditions of Use of the Web Site, or any other applicable general or specific conditions, instructions or notices. These modifications shall be to improve the User’s services, according to market trends. In addition, SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. reserves the right to suspend, interrupt or leave the Web Site inoperative, or to restrict its access, partly or completely, individually or collectively, temporarily or finally, at any time.

3.- Web Surfing Cookies:

The SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. Web Site service provider uses cookies only to make it easier for the User to surf the Web Site. In no event will they be used to gather personal data. They are only used to improve Web Site surfing and reduce downloading time of Web elements.

Nevertheless, if the User does not want to use these cookies, they can rescind the use of system cookies from their Web browser options. These files can also be deleted without affecting the quality of the Web Site, and the only effect of this configuration is that the Web Site takes longer to download, as the files are not in the User’s cache memory.

We use the following Cookies on our website:


This is a small cookie that allows the site owner to check which pages are the most popular on the site and so provide more site content that is popular to users. It contains no personal or private data at all and is used on millions of websites worldwide.


The AddThis cookie is is associated with the ‘share buttons’ where a user can email or share a link of a post to their friends.

Remember Me

This is used when you ask the system to remember your login and stores the email address you use to login only.


This is used to be able to remember jobs you place in your shortlist, and is classed as essential to the site functionality and thus can be stored regardless of your selection to ensure the site works. However we wanted to bring this to your attention as we are keen not to hide anything from you.

4.- Access and use of the Web Site is free:

The Web Site service provision by the User is free and requires no prior subscription or registration. The User’s identification is only required in the following situations: When the User asks us for more information on a matter of his interest, he sends us an e-mail to contact use, wants to access the images publications that are available at our library, or asks us to send him press releases or news sheets, or when he decides to send us his Curriculum Vitae.

The registration and identification of the User’s personal data will be governed by the indications in the tenth section: Privacy and confidentiality protection policy of the personal information that the Users freely and voluntarily provide.

5.- Links:

The Web Site may possibly at times offer the User technical link devices (links, banners or buttons), directories and search tools allowing users to access web sites belonging to and/or managed by third parties. SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. does not offer or market on its own or by means of third parties, the services available at the linked sites, or control, exercise supervision or approve the products, services, contents, information, data, files and any other class of material in these linked sites.

SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. therefore declines any responsibility regarding the information that falls outside this Web Site and which is not managed directly by SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A.

If the User wants to establish a link, or make any similar action with regard to the Web Site, this should be previously authorised by SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. Any other use, assignment to third parties, communication, and disclosure of the full or partial, public or private Contents is forbidden. SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. reserves the right to exercise the respective civil and criminal legal actions to demand the compliance of this clause and to claim for damages.

6.- Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights:

The User acknowledges and accepts that all Industrial and Intellectual Property rights on the Contents and/or any other elements inserted in the Web Site (including, without limitation, trademarks, logotypes, trade names, texts, images, graphics, designs, sound, databases, software, flow charts, presentation, "look-and-feel", audio and video), are the property of SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. and/or third parties. In no event does access to the Web Site imply on the part of SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. and/or the third parties who own the Web Site’s contents, any kind of waiver, transmission, licence or total or partial cession of such rights, unless otherwise expressly established.

7.- Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility:

7.1.- Of functioning of the Web Site

SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the functioning of the Web Site and shall in no event be held liable for damages or losses that might be derived from (i) lack of availability or accessibility to the Web Site or those other sites with which a Link has been established; (ii) interruption in the functioning of the Web Site or computer faults, telephone failures, disconnections, delays or blocking caused by deficiencies or overloads on the telephone lines, in the Internet system or in other electronic systems produced in the course of its functioning; (iii) lack of suitability of the Web Site for the specific needs of the Users and (iv) other damages that might be caused by third parties through unauthorised intromissions or hackers outside the control of SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A.

SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. does not guarantee the absence of virus or any other elements in the Web Site introduced by outside third parties that may produce changes in the Users’ physical or logic systems or in the electronic documents and files stored in their systems, and shall in no event be responsible for damages or losses that might be derived from the presence of virus, malware or other elements that could produce alterations in the physical or logic systems, electronic documents or User files.

However, SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. adopts various protection measures to protect the Web Site and Contents against hackers. However, this does not guarantee the unauthorised use by third parties to access the type of use of the Web Site made by the User or conditions, characteristics and circumstances in which that use is made. SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. shall consequently in no event be responsible for damages or losses derived from such unauthorised access.

7.2.- For the use of the Web Site

SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. shall in no event be responsible for the use that users and/or third parties may make of the Web Site, or for any damages arising therefrom.

7.3.- For the Contents

The Contents of the Web Site are the sole property of SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. and are made available by it in good faith and with the best professional quality standards. SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A. however excludes any kind of liability for damage of any nature that might be due to lack of truthfulness, accuracy and/or current importance of the contents of the Web Site.

8.- Partial nullity:

Should any of these general conditions be declared null, invalid or ineffective this shall not affect the validity or effectiveness of the other clauses that shall continue to be binding between the parties. The waiver by any of the parties to demand the compliance at a given time of any of the conditions stipulated herein, shall not imply a general waiver to comply with the other condition or conditions, nor shall it create an acquired right for the other party.

9.- Applicable law and jurisdiction:

The provision of the Web Site service and present Conditions of Use of the Web Site are governed by the applicable legislation in the territorial regulations of the European Union, and specifically by the laws that make up Spanish legal regulations applicable to information society and electronic commerce services and Spanish legislation on personal data protection. For any disagreements in the performance, interpretation, fulfilment of these Conditions, or in the relations between the User and SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS, S.A., both parties expressly waive any other privileges that might correspond to them and agree to submit to the jurisdiction and exclusive competence of the Law Courts and Tribunals of Bilbao.

10.- Privacy and confidentiality protection policy of the personal information that the users freely and voluntarily provide:

In accordance with Regulation EU 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, SENER hereby sets out how the personal data voluntarily supplied by the User on the Website will be treated.

10.1- Identification of the File Manager and information recipients

  • Zugazarte, nº 56, con el Código Postal 48930, Getxo - Bizcay (Spain).
  • You can contact us at [email protected]

At SENER we take your privacy seriously and want you to understand our practices relating to the processing of Users' personal data. This privacy statement explains how we do it.

10.2- Purpose of data treatment

The personal data gathered by SENER on the forms and contact channels on the website has the following purposes:

  • CONTACT: Identification details gathered through this form are for the purpose of providing the requested service and consultancy requested in the communication made by the User.
  • SENDING CV – Recruitment: By filling out the recruitment web form, personal data is gathered for the purposes of dealing with the User's candidacy for a recruitment process regarding vacancies advertised by SENER. The main activities that we carry out are the following:
    • Reception, gathering and storage of academic and professional information.
    • Evaluation of candidate qualifications and suitability for jobs at SENER or at SENER Group companies.
  • ETHICS HOTLINE: Details provided by users of the Ethics Hotline may be used for the purposes of managing and developing a professional relationship for receiving and managing communications. Their main activities include:
    • Researching and verifying reported incidents, determining liability, putting corrective actions in place and, if applicable, taking legal and disciplinary action before the bodies responsible in each case.

    To find out more about how SENER manages whistleblowing, the User can access the Additional Provision on Data Protection Policy.

  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Data provided by the User through the Customer Satisfaction form will be treated in order to manage and develop a professional relationship for receiving and managing the report filed. The main activities carried out with this data are as follows:
    • Managing the reception, gathering and storing of customer complaints and claims.

Personal data processing for purposes other than those detailed above, will require the express prior consent of the User in each case.

SENER reserves the right to disclose your personal data as required by law, or when it considers that its disclosure is necessary to protect their rights and/or comply with the requirements of a legal procedure, court order, regulator request or any other legal process affecting SENER.

10.3- Legitimation

The processing of the User's data for the different purposes set out in the previous section is based on the consent that SENER requests from the User; under no circumstances shall the withdrawal of this consent restrict the performance of the product procurement contract.

10.4- Data security

Once SENER has received the User's data, it will take the appropriate security measures to avoid any unauthorized access, inappropriate use or disclosures, unauthorized modifications, illegal destruction, or accidental loss.

10.5- Data comunication to Third Parties

SENER will not communicate personal data to third-party companies except for subsidiary companies of the Group, or in cases of legal obligation or with the consent of the data subject.

The SENER Group consists of the following companies: FUNDACIÓN SENER, SENER Ingeniería y Sistemas Argentina S.A. (Argentina), SENER Projectos e Sistemas, S.A. (Brasil), SENER Colombia SAS (Colombia), SENER Ingeniería y Sistemas Chile, LTD. (Chile), SENER Shangai Systems Company Limited (China),  SENER Ingenieria y Sistemas S.A. Abu Dhabi (EAU), SENER Ingeniería y Sistemas, S.A. (España), SENER Engineering and Systems, INC. (EEUU), Sociedad de Gestión de Proyectos GESTEC, S.A., SENER Grupo de Ingeniería, S.A., SENER Engineering and Construction (Pty) Ltd (Marruecos), SENERMEX, Ingeniería y Sistemas S.A. DE C.V (México), SENERSPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ (Polonia), SENERPOR - Engenharia e Sistemas Industriais, Lda. (Portugal), SENER-ENGIVIA Consultores de Engenharia, S.A. (Portugal),  SENER Engineering and Systems Ltd. (Reino Unido), SENER Engineering and Construction South Africa (Pty) Ltd (Sudáfrica).

Should the possibility of transferring your data be considered for other circumstances, SENER will request the User's express consent.

Notwithstanding the above, SENER informs you that the provision of some of its services and/or products requires the storage of your data in systems belonging to SENER or third parties and access to your data by SENER or third parties, with the commitment of SENER to comply with all applicable legislation. For these purposes, SENER informs you that it will commission third parties to handle certain functions such as maintenance of computer systems and management and auditing services.

10.6- Transfer the data outside the UE

Given that SENER operates globally, the User’s data will be accessible by/shared with other subsidiary companies of the group that are involved in this process. Any internal transfer of group data is governed and legitimized by SENER's Binding Corporate Rules, guaranteeing an adequate level of data protection throughout the Group.

10.7.- Data Retention

The personal data gathered on the forms and contact channels on the website will be retained under the following conditions:

  • CONTACT: SENER will retain the information supplied until the consultation has been resolved and, in any event, for up to a maximum of twelve months, unless another consultation is made or the user signs up for our services. After that, the data will become non-identifiable or will be deleted.
  • SENDING CV – Recruitment: SENER will process and store data voluntarily furnished by the User, unless the user withdraws their consent or opposes to the treatment throughout the duration of the recruitment process for which he/she sent us their CV, up to a maximum of twelve months, deleting it once SENER issues a notification that the job has not been secured, unless the User is expressly asked in that communication to allow their details to be retained for any further suitable recruitment processes.
    In any event, the data will be processed in accordance with the legal terms, and be deleted and/or block in accordance with SENER's data retention and deletion policy.
  • ETHICS HOTLINE: SENER will process and store data provided to it, unless the User withdraws their consent or opposes to the treatment throughout the duration of the complaint management process, These data will be destroyed when SENER issues a notification that the report has been resolved.

    In any event, SENER will process the data in accordance with the legal terms, and delete and/or block them in accordance with its data retention and deletion policy.

  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: SENER will retain the information furnished by the User for twelve months following your request for cancellation of the service. After that, the data will become non-identifiable or will be deleted.

10.8- Rights

 The User can modify his communication preferences at any time, as well as exercise the following rights:

  • Right to Access, allowing the User to consult his personal data.
  • Right to Rectification, allowing the User to modify his personal data when they are inaccurate.
  • Right to Erasure, allowing the User to request that his personal data associated with the service be erased.
  • Right to Object, allowing the User to request that his personal data not be processed.
  • Right to Restriction of Processing, allowing the User to request that his data be restricted from processing in the following cases:
    • While the User contests the accuracy of his data.
    • When the processing is unlawful, but the User opposes erasure of his data.
    • When SENER does not need to process tje User data, but the User needs those data for exercising or defending legal claims.
    • When the User opposes the processing of your data pursuant to a legitimate interest by SENER, pending verification whether the legitimate grounds of the controller override yours.
  • Right to Portability, allowing the User to receive the personal data he provided in electronic format, as well as to transmit those data to another entity.
  • Right to Withdraw Consent, giving the User the right to withdraw the consent he granted for the processing of the personal data at any time and via any of the channels indicated below, without affecting the legality of any processing carried out prior to withdrawal.

The User can exercise these rights via any means, providing these enable reliable acknowledgement of the sending and receipt of his request, and it is sent to SENER using the details included in the beginning of this Privacy policy, indicating the reference “Data Protection”. The following must appear in the request: Name, surnames, a photocopy of your national ID, the petition specifying your request, and the address for receiving notifications.

10.5.- Contact SENER

SENER INGENIERÍA Y SISTEMAS. S.A. and the SENER Group companies will do their utmost to ensure that the data is always kept up to date. However, the quality of the data is the responsibility of the owner, and if there is any modification in the User data on the web, the user will notify the File Manager, who shall take no responsibility if any change in data fails to be notified to SENER.